How do I see sleep stats on daily graphs?

Sleep stats in on your daily Cardiograms are shown in the bottom right quadrant below your graph. We include your average heart rate during sleep (Sleep BPM) and your total sleep duration.

Cardiogram calculates these stats based on the "Sleep" tags on your Cardiogram graph. Sometimes these tags are created automatically (e.g. if the Fitbit or Garmin app tells us you're sleeping, or if you use a third-party sleep app that adds sleep data to your Health app or Google Fit). See this doc for help setting up automatic sleep tracking.

If you don't to see sleep stats:

  1. Create a tag on your daily graph using the blue "Tag" button. 
  2. Highlight the time that you were sleeping 
  3. Name the tag "Sleep".
  4. When you refresh your Timeline, you should see a sleep BPM and sleep duration for the "Sleep" tag. 

Note: we use all "Sleep" tags. If you have multiple throughout the data, your Sleep stats will be based on all of them.

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