What is Cardiogram Care?

We're removing Cardiogram Care on October 23rd, 2020.

Premium users will continue to receive all other benefits of Cardiogram Premium: Share With Doctor, Unlimited Storage, Metrics Comparisons, Share With Family, Heart Rate Alerts, and Premium Support. You won't lose any of your data.

We are focusing on making Cardiogram a heart rate journal companion that helps you uncover insights about your cardiovascular health. Stay tuned for new features to help you identify abnormal heart rate patterns and communicate these concerns with your doctor. 


What is Cardiogram Care?

Cardiogram Care is a program that monitors you for undiagnosed health conditions using health data in Cardiogram. There are four steps to the Cardiogram Care process:

Step 1: Use the Cardiogram app

Cardiogram is free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and helps you track minute-to-minute changes in stress, sleep, fitness, and health through heart rate monitoring.

Step 2: Screen with DeepHeart

With Cardiogram Care, you'll also receive monitoring by DeepHeart, an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that has demonstrated high accuracy in detecting signs of three different health conditions: diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

Step 3: Confirm with FDA-cleared test

If DeepHeart detects signs of a potential health condition, Cardiogram will offer you an FDA-cleared or CLIA-certified confirmatory test. Most of these tests can be taken at home, and one test (A1C blood test) must be taken at a nearby Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp.

Step 4: Share results + next steps

Once you take the test and we receive the results, you'll see the results in the "Care" tab of the Cardiogram app. If the results are in a normal range, further action may not be immediately necessary, but you should continue visiting your doctor as you normally would, or if you feel unwell. If the results are not normal (e.g. elevated blood pressure), we will recommend that you see your doctor to review the result.

How much does Cardiogram Care cost?

You must be a Cardiogram Premium subscriber in order to access Cardiogram Care. Cardiogram Premium costs $25 per year. 

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