What are the benefits of premium?

The benefits of signing up from Premium:

  1. Share with Doctor: Easily export your Cardiogram data to a PDF or CSV for your doctor to review.
  2. Family Mode: Allow up to 2 family members to remotely view your Cardiogram data. They will create their own Cardiogram account and be able to see what your heart rate patterns look like. You might use this feature to check on a family member's health at the end of the day without bothering them.
  3. Unlimited storage: Cardiogram will store all your historical data so you can compare years worth of heart rate data. 
  4. Heart rate alerts: Set up custom thresholds and be notified when your heart rate is above or below those levels.
  5. Metrics comparisons: Compare your Metrics Pane stats against specific age and gender demographics.
  6. Faster support times
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