[iPhone Users] How to set up the Bedtime feature on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, Cardiogram receives data directly from the "Health" app on your phone. One of the ways to see sleep data in a Cardiogram is to use the Bedtime feature in your "Clock" app. We don't recommend using third-party automatic sleeping apps on the Apple Watch as they can cause additional sleep tags or conflicts. Once the data is imported to your Cardiogram profile the data is hard to remove.

Bedtime tracks when you go to sleep and wake up (see Apple's description here), and adds that to your "Health" app. Cardiogram retrieves that from the "Health" app and uses it create "Sleep" tags on your Timeline which are used to calculate your average sleep duration and average sleep BPM. 

To set up Bedtime:

  1. Open the "Clock" app on your iPhone
  2. Tap Bedtime at the bottom
  3. Click Bedtime and turn on Bedtime Schedule
  4. Confirm that  "Bedtime" is active by making sure that your wakeup time is turned on in the Alarm page of the "Clock" app.
  5. When you sleep with your watch on, Cardiogram will receive your heart rate data. When you turn on the Bedtime feature, Cardiogram will know which heart rate data occurred when you were sleeping, which will help us calculate your sleep duration and average sleep BPM.
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