How do I set up the heart rate widget on my iPhone?

Adding the Cardiogram Heartrate Widget to your iPhone Home Screen

  1. From your iPhone homescreen, tap and hold anywhere in the background area.
  2. Once the apps start to wiggle, tap the + icon in the upper left.

  3. Search for "Cardiogram.

  4. Select your preferred widget size. The first is half-width.

  5. If you swipe to the left, you can select the full-width version.

  6. Drag your new widget wherever you would like on your homescreen.

Changing the Duration Shown in the Widget

The widget shows you the most recent data synced to the Cardiogram app. You can customize how many hours to show by default. 

  1. Touch and hold the Cardiogram widget. 
  2. Tap "Edit Widget."

  3. Choose the number of hours.

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