Changing to a new phone

Getting a new phone can be fun! There are a couple of things to keep in mind when switching to a new phone. 

Are you keeping the same phone type? (iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android)

When switching or upgrading phones to a similar device, you must sign back into your profile to restore your data. 

Switching to a different phone platform? (iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone)

On Android devices, Cardiogram requires a Google Account to create a profile. This allows Cardiogram to access your Google Fit data. If you used your Google Account to create your profile on your iPhone, you can still sign into the same profile and restore your data. However, if you created a profile on your iPhone using your email address for your username, Apple ID, or any other authentication method, you will need to create a new profile using your Google Account. 

For privacy purposes, we can't transfer health data from one profile to another as we do not have a way to verify users over email properly.

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