I paid for premium but I can't access premium features

If you paid for premium and still see the free version of Cardiogram after logging in, it's possible we missed the notification from the App Store or Play Store when you made the purchase. Here's how to fix it.


If you made the purchase on an iOS device, you can click "Restore Purchase" at the bottom of the Premium pane:


If you use Android, you can unlock Premium by clicking on the blue "Try Premium" button to resubscribe. Note: if you already paid, you will not be charged again. Google will check that you paid, and then let Cardiogram know that you're already subscribed). After seeing the prompt from Google indicating that "You have already subscribed to Cardiogram Premium" you should be able to log in and use the Premium features.

If you are still unable to access Premium features using these workarounds, please contact Cardiogram support at [email protected]

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