[Garmin] I'm not seeing Garmin data

If you have linked your Garmin device to Cardiogram but you do not see your latest Garmin data in Cardiogram, please try the following steps:

1) Make sure your device has uploaded the data to the Garmin Connect app

Garmin devices monitor data continuously, but they only send data to Garmin Connect periodically or when you open the app. Cardiogram needs your device to sync data to the Garmin app in order to receive it and show it in the Cardiogram app.

Open the Garmin Connect app on your phone and your data should automatically being syncing. If it doesn't, tap the cycle icon in the top-right corner to manually sync.

If your most recent data is synced to the Garmin Connect app and you still do not see data in Cardiogram, then you'll need to re-connect your Garmin account to Cardiogram.

2) Re-connect your Garmin account with Cardiogram

Open the Cardiogram app:

  1. Tap the top-left profile icon to open the Settings sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to the "Link Your Wearables" section, and tap into "Garmin."
  3. Tap "Resync data"
  4. Enter your Garmin login info on the next page and follow the instructions on screen to reconnect your Garmin account to Cardiogram.
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