If you're not able to see your WearOS Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch data in Cardiogram

The following steps apply to WearOS Watches and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or newer. If you have a Google Pixel Watch, follow these steps to troubleshoot Fitbit https://help.cardiogram.com/article/79-im-not-seeing-fitbit-data

After the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 launch in 2021, we had to change how Cardiogram imports your data to your profile as Google Fit is not natively installed on Samsung WearOS watches. While Cardiogram can still import some data like steps, HR, and certain activities from Google Fit, the Cardiogram watch app must be installed and running in the background on your watch at all times to continue measuring your heart rate.

  • Before troubleshooting, ensure that your phone and the Cardiogram app have been updated to the latest publicly released versions.
  • If you can not see any new data, please restart your watch and phone.
  • Make sure that your watch is paired with your phone and syncing properly. For WearOS devices, double-check that your watch is connected to the WearOS app and send data to Google Fit first.
  • Heart rate samples are sampled directly by our WearOS app and sent to our servers every 15 minutes (even when measurement frequency is changed) or when the phone app is opened.

Please note that while most Android phones, WearOS watches, and Samsung Watches function similarly, different manufacturers may have changed how settings appear in their menus.

For the Cardiogram app to correctly import your data to your profile, you must have the Cardiogram app running in the background on your watch at all times. Please be sure to launch the app if you have not done so.

  • If this is the first time launching Cardiogram on your watch, you will be asked to "Allow Cardiogram to access sensor data about your vital signs."

  • Tap on "Allow"

If you do not see any measurements being taken on your watch, check to see if you need to enable permissions. If you scroll down to the "Measure" button in Cardiogram on your watch and see "Missing Permissions," please follow the steps below.

  • Go to your watch settings.
  • Tap on App Permissions.
  • Tap on "Cardiogram"
  • Enable the permission to allow Physical Activity.

If you use an Android phone:

If you notice that your watch is taking measurements, but the Cardiogram app on your phone is still not updating and importing new data, we recommend double-checking the permission settings on your Android phone as well to ensure that Cardiogram can access the data.

  • Go to your phone's settings app.
  • Tap on "Apps"
  • Tap on "App management"
  • Select Cardiogram
  • Tap on "Permissions"
  • Make sure "Physical activity" is allowed.

If you use an iPhone:

    • Ensure that your watch has a connection to the Internet.
    • Restart your watch and iPhone.

For iPhone users, steps are imported from Apple Health and are not imported from the WearOS app or GoogleFit. You will not see step information in the Cardiogram unless you carry your phone while walking. Apple Health does allow Google Fit to sync your data with HealthKit. However, it has not been tested by the support team. If you would like to try it at your own risk, please follow these steps - GoogleFit Track your fitness activity

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