How can I track sleep time on an Apple Watch?

Previously, we had the capability to import your sleep sessions directly from Apple Health for your Apple Watch and automatically tag those sessions. However, in the past year, Apple has introduced sleep stages to provide their users with more detailed information about their sleep, which is a positive development.

It's worth noting that the sleep stages are classified as sleep sessions in the raw data that we import from Apple Health. As a result, this has caused multiple sleep tags to be added to users' profiles. Unfortunately, our current code is unable to differentiate between the new sleep stages and the entire sleep session, which has led us to remove our ability to automatically tag sleep for all users. Although this is not an ideal situation, we are working with Apple and hoping that they can improve their code for the raw data to distinguish between sleep stages and sleep sessions in the future.

For now, we recommend manually tagging your sleep sessions on the timeline.

An alternative could be to use a third-party sleep tracking app like "SleepWatch" or "Pillow," which can write to your Apple Health database and be imported into Cardiogram automatically. Please note that this option would be at your own risk.

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