What's the difference between comparisons and trends on the Metrics pane?

The Metrics pane summarizes your average stats over the past 7 days. At the top, you'll see "Comparisons"—this shows how your stats compare to all other Cardiogram users.

Comparisons use the most recent data available - if your metrics don't look quite right, please check the graphs at the bottom of the metrics pane (under Trends) to figure out if Cardiogram is getting up-to-date data.

Comparisons against other Cardiogram users

The "Trends" section at the bottom of the Metrics pane shows how your stats have changed week-over-week. You can use this to get a birds-eye view of how new habits, medications, or illnesses have affected your health. Touch the graph to see your average from any day, and pinch to zoom into the graph to get a better look.

Trends to see your changes over time

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