How to create workouts in Cardiogram

Cardiogram shows you separate views for your workouts so that you see your heart rate activity in more detail and get more stats like heart rate zones and heart rate recovery.

Workouts are automatically created if the workout appears in the Health app (iOS), Google Fit (Android), or Fitbit app. You can also manually create a workout within Cardiogram using tags.

Automatically create workouts by turning on workout mode on your wearable

Workouts are imported automatically for Apple Watch, Wear OS, and Fitbit wearables, as long as you've given the correct permissions to access workout and activity data.

If your device meets one of the criteria above and you don't see any imported workouts in Cardiogram, please see this article. Currently, workouts from Garmin devices cannot be added to Cardiogram. 

Manually create a workout

Note: you will not be able to get stats for heart rate recovery with manual workouts.

If you were exercising but forgot to turn on workout mode, you can also manually create a workout cardiogram with tagging. 

  1. On your daily cardiogram, click the three dots (•••) in the upper right, then tap "Add Tag"
  2. Highlight the section when you were exercising
  3. Type the name of the workout.
  4. Select the "Exercise" category
  5. Save the tag
  6. When you refresh your Timeline (tap the heart at the top), you should see a separate chart for your workout.
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