I don't see my data. What should I do?

Please select the following FAQ document if you can not see any new data being imported into your profile.

We are actively investigating an issue related to older iPhones. Please visit the status page for more information. https://cardiogram.statuspage.io/

As of 2023, Cardiogram requires a subscription to access the features in the app.

Apple Watch users - If you're not able to see your Apple Watch data in Cardiogram.

Fitbit and Google Pixel Watch users - If you're not able to see your Fitbit or Google Pixel Watch data in Cardiogram

WearOS including Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or newer - If you're not able to see your WearOS Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch data in Cardiogram

Garmin users - Garmin data is not appearing in Cardiogram or has not been updated.

Please note that Cardiogram can only import and sync data from the past two weeks for most wearables if you have not opened the app in some time. Please be sure to launch Cardiogram at least once a week on your phone to allow it to import and store your data to your profile properly. Going forward, your data will continue to be imported and stored in your profile.

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