I don't see my data. What should I do?

There are multiple reasons you may not be seeing data. There are a few ways to troubleshoot this: 

First thing to try is to make sure your Apple Watch is syncing heart beat data to your iPhone:

1) Open the "Health" app on your iPhone

2) Tap the "Health Data" tab (2nd from left on bottom)

3) Tap "Heart"

4) In "Heart Rate", tap the "i" icon.

5) Tap "Show All Data"

6) Check when is the earliest and latest data available there.

If your Apple Watch is syncing to your iPhone into the "Health" app, then next, make sure Cardiogram has permissions to read your health data:

1) Open the "Health" app on your iPhone

2) Tap the "Sources" tab (Second from the right on the bottom of the screen)

3) Tap "Cardiogram" in the "APPS" section

4) Make sure everything under "Allow 'Cardiogram' to read data:" are turned on (i.e. green)

If that still doesn’t work, I’d suggest you initiate a resync by:

1. Go to the "Profile" pane (right-most tab in bottom navigation)

2. Tap "Support and Privacy"

3. Tap "Resync Data"

That'll resync the last 2 weeks of data from Apple Health App into Cardiogram.

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