If you see a server error

UPDATE 08/22/2022 -- In the process of investigating recent bugs affecting some users, we discovered an underlying issue. The app is currently down for an unplanned maintenance period, and we hope to have it back up as soon as possible! You do not need to worry about losing your data during this maintenance period, as your data is securely stored on our servers. Additionally, any data your watch collects while Cardiogram is down can be resynced once we are back online.

  1. Force close all apps running in the background of your phone
    1. Steps for iOS users
    2. Steps for Android users - See steps under "Force close an Android app"
  2. Restart your phone (this allows your phone to properly shut down and out any immediate software conflicts that could be affecting the app)
  3. Completely reinstall Cardiogram. Your data is saved to your profile in the cloud, when you sign back in your information will be recovered. 
    1. IMPORTANT - to remove the app completely you must press and hold on the app.
      1. Select "Remove App"
      2. Select "Delete App," selecting "Remove from Home Screen" only removes it from your homescreen and does not delete the app.
      3. Go to the app store and reinstall the app. 
If you continue to have trouble please reach out to us at [email protected]

What should I do when I see a server error?
  1. Ensure that Cardiogram's servers are up.
  2. Force close Cardiogram then relaunch it.
    1. Steps for iOS users
    2. Steps for Android users - See steps under "Force close an Android app"
  3. Try again in one hour.
  4. If the problem persists, email [email protected] to determine whether there's another issue that you may be experiencing.
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